The ONLY Masterclass you need to help you balance your hormones for more energy, better mood, better sleep, less fat around the middle + so much more!

'Master Your Hormones in Your 40s'

The Perimenopause Masterclass

Understand what's different with your hormones in your 40s and how it impacts your body, physically + mentally.

Spend 90 minutes, learning from an expert, how to work WITH your hormones

for vibrant health + happiness for just £24

With Registered Nutritional Therapist, Francesca Liparoti

This masterclass is for women in their 30s or 40s (it’s never too early or late to start supporting your hormones!)

Ready to take control of your hormones and start feeling good again?


  • You're fed up of low energy + feelings of fatigue and you want more energy and motivation so you can actually enjoy all the things you have to and and WANT to do

  • You can't seem to fall asleep easily anymore + you rarely wake up feeling refreshed and all you want is deep, restful, uninterrupted sleep

  • Your body seems to be changing and you're gaining belly fat and you just want to feel slimmer around your waist and effortlessly keep it that way

  • Your periods are changing and you're experiencing new or worse PMS with breast pain, heavy periods, headaches, menstrual bloating + water retention and even hot flashes or night sweats - and you want to know WHY + what you can do!

  • You're irritable + have lower stress resilience than you used to and you want to feel calm, more positive and have a balanced mood

  • Your brain feels 'foggy' and you want your clear, sharp and focused mind back

Ready to learn how to master your hormones?

Meet Your Speaker

Hi! I'm Francesca

I'm a Registered Nutritional Therapist and I work with women everyday to help them rebalance their bodies and hormones so they can rediscover energy and vibrancy + thrive in day to day to life! I've created this incredible info-packed 90 minute masterclass so I can reach + help MORE women, just like you, to start taking control of their hormone health + so they can THRIVE.

I want you to understand exactly what's going on with your hormones through perimenopause and learn simple but powerful nutrition + lifestyle habits for better hormone balance, vibrant health + happiness!

Hear from previous attendees..

“Really interesting, varied & holistic approach to perimenopause.”

“Huge amount of useful information about a topic we hardly ever hear about. Thank you so much!”

“Fantastic session and so informative”

“Balanced approach - mindset, nutrition, exercise. Lots of tips learnt that I will be incorporating into my diet.”

“Absolutely fantastic! Really appreciated the style - research based but easy to follow and lots of positive things to try. Giving control back to me.”

“Provided me with lots of information that I didn't know. User friendly information and explained very well. I feel super informed about the journey ahead of me.”

“Engaging presenter, excellent material and presentation, really informative and enjoyed it!”

“Huge volume of info well delivered and understandable”

“Francesca really knows what she’s talking about and I really enjoyed listening to her. My favourite part of the workshop was when she talked about nutrition and her approach to it.”

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